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As a child wide eyed and filled with wonder I often dreamt of being a medical physician; a dream I often shared with my father that encouraged and motivated me with examples of discipline and compassion. However, after his untimely passing when I was nineteen years old while on the cusp of manhood lost and unraveled. My doting mother tried to console and guide me into being a man but my solace was the whisper of Jamaica’s nightlife.

It was this introduction to music, women and clothing was born; the women loved a well groomed, charming and seductive scented man. It became a routine to have a fresh haircut, clothing and Mike was reborn.

While finding myself the path led to the United States of America while curating a closet of clothing on the salary of Cinrom which was a CD packing company. After enculturation and socialization with individuals in varied profession it led to the medical field; while helping others and realizing the deadly effects of the global pandemic Coronavirus I realized life is filled with possibilities and Ecommerce was mine.

Society’s Designer Apparel will allow me to share my passion for clothing , accessories and so much more whilst support my family. It has filled a void with purpose, satisfaction knowing that the products provided are of the best quality at reasonable prices. All boys on the journey into manhood can look great with every stride.

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